New publications and presentations

Recent publications focused on financial reporting in Norway and the implications of regulation on audit in Russia.

Alon A., Haaland G., and Røsok K.O. 2022. Multi-mode standardisation and comparability: Norway’s failed attempt to adopt the IFRS for SMEs. Accounting and Business Research.

Alon A., and Kim, O. 2021. Protectionism through legislative layering: Implications for auditors and investors. Journal of International Business Policy.

Conference Presentations

Papers in progress were presented at a number of international conferences.

Albu N., Albu C., Alon A., and Leca B. 2021. Experimenting with audit at the periphery of capitalism: The role of regulation and resource partitioning in the audit field formation. Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, May 26-28.

Agana J., Zori, S., and Alon A. 2021. IFRS adoption approaches in Africa: Implications for accounting quality. Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, May 26-28.

Mwintome G., Agana J., Alon A. and Zamore S. 2021. Understanding the determinants of Key Audit Matters. The International Accounting Section Midyear Meeting, January 28-30 and World Finance Conference, August 3-6.

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